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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked pre-sales questions. If you have any questions that you can't find answers to here, please don't hesitate to contact us.


How do I place an order?

You can either purchase the server online or ask to have a salesperson contact you. Alternatively, you may also phone us at (603) 5638-8187.


What methods of payment do you accept?

SpaceSolutions accepts credit cards, check and bank wire. You will be invoiced before your server goes online, and then each month thereafter.

For more information: call 603-5638-8187


Will SpaceSolutions move my domain to my new server for me?

You will be responsible for uploading your site to your server, and for any necessary updates at Internic.


What are your network connections?

Our state-of-the-art network is fully switched using Cisco network gear and is engineered with full redundancy to ensure there is no single point of failure. The SpaceSolutions network is multi-homed with DS3 to OC3 connections through AT&T, UUnet, Qwest, Time Warner Telecom, and SBC, providing fast, reliable connectivity. The network currently has capacity greater than 465 Mbps and we are continually adding connectivity to accommodate our clients' needs.


Will I have Root Control (Super User Access)?

YES, you will have complete "root" access on your server and can add as many domains as you like. You are welcome to install any software you like on your server without restriction and can resell services at any rate you like.


Is there a guarantee on hardware components?

Yes. In the event of a hardware-related problem, we will immediately replace any failed component at no cost to you. Replacements are usually made within 30 minutes to an hour. For hardware downtime beyond 2 hours, you will be refunded 5% of your monthly fee per additional hour of downtime. You will be notified by e-mail once the problem is resolved. For a complete description of the terms of our SLA, click here.


Will SpaceSolutions monitor my server?

Beyond general traffic monitoring, SpaceSolutions exclusively offers SiteMonitor and ServerMonitor. Through detailed Web-based reporting, these utilities allow you to monitor the performance at the site and server levels in real time. This data will allow you to allocate your server resources more effectively and measure the effectiveness of your site design. For more information, please contact us.


What is your policy on bandwidth?

There are no bandwidth restrictions; your traffic is burstable beyond what your plan includes. If you exceed your plan for the month, you will be billed at the overage rate of $3.50 per GB (gigabyte). You can upgrade bandwidth at the beginning of the next billing cycle to avoid overage charges in future months. Bandwidth is calculated from invoice to invoice. Bandwidth upgrades may be requested by contacting


How is bandwidth measured?

Bandwidth usage is measured from samples taken at the switch. You will have access to an area of our site which will give you the total bandwidth used by your server to date as measured at the switch.


How do I upgrade my bandwidth? Is there an upgrade fee?

All bandwidth upgrades are done with no setup fee, only the incremental monthly pricing applies.To upgrade your bandwidth please contact


Will there be a statistics program installed on my server?

At your request we will install the program Analyze 2.2 (Linux servers only) at no additional cost. Analyze provides statistical profiles for all domains hosted on your server which will tell you bandwidth usage for each domain, as well as which banners or search engines the traffic has come from.


What software is included with Unix (Linux, FreeBSD) servers?

Unix servers will come with a standard install of RedHat Linux or FreeBSD which will include the latest versions of Apache, Sendmail, Bind, and Perl. You will have root control with full Telnet and FTP access. You are welcome to install any additional software on your server.


What software is included with Windows 2000 servers?

Windows2000 servers will come with a standard installation of Windows 2000 which includes IIS5.0 and Service Pack 1. You will have administration access to the server through Terminal Services. As with all of our server offerings, you will have root control and are welcome to install any additional software you like on your server (database, e-commerce, etc).


Will my server have a web-based control panel?

All Unix servers (Linux/FreeBSD) will have a software called "Webmin" installed at no additional cost. Webmin is a browser-based program that allows for point and click administration to add domains, mail, FTP, DNS and perform other administration, all through a web based interface.

SpaceSolutions does not provide any additional interface for Window 2000 servers.


What are the common software applications available with your Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris) servers? What are they for?

All Unix systems (Linux, FreeBSD) will have Apache, Sendmail, Bind, and Perl pre-installed. Following are brief explanations of each.

Apache is the web serving software of Linux. We can assist you in configuring Apache to serve the web site(s) you plan to host. We can provide initial configurations for your server free for the first 5 domains. In addition, we can provide configuration instructions if you would like to learn how to add domains on your own. You can add as many domains as you like on your new server.

Sendmail is the server's mail software. With Sendmail you can set up mail accounts, forwarding of mail, and can add as many accounts as you like. SpaceSolutions support can assist in configuring Sendmail to accommodate your email needs.

Bind is the server's DNS software. You can use our DNS free for the first 5 domains, $2.50 per domain per month thereafter. Or if you like, we can configure your server to run its own DNS name servers at no additional cost. The advantage to having your own DNS is that you can add unlimited domains to your name server any time you want at no additional cost, a good option if you are hosting a number of domains.

Perl is a standard scripting language that allows you to program cgis and system administration scripts and is available free with the standard install of RedHat Linux.


What other software will SpaceSolutions install on my server?

On Linux systems we will install Frontpage98/2000 Extensions (not available on FreeBSD or Solaris systems) and PHP4, as well as any modules you require. If you need assistance with installing SQL software, it will also be installed at no additional cost (Unix only - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSQL). If you would like to run MS-SQL on your NT or Windows 2000 server, you may send us the CD-ROMs and we will place these files on the server so that you can remotely install the program. You will be responsible for installing/performing MS-SQL configurations.


Will SpaceSolutions Install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on my server?

Open SSL is pre-installed on all UNIX systems (Linux, FreeBSD). Windows 2000 systems also are pre-configured for SSL capability.

You will need a certificate for each domain that you need secured. If you do not have a certificate you can easily purchase a Verisign 40bit or 128bit encryption certificate through SpaceSolutions.Contact us.


Can I create mail accounts on my server? What software is included for mail?

All Unix (Linux, Free BSD) servers will have a software called Sendmail installed at no additional cost. You can create as many email accounts as you like and setup up auto-responders, forwarding, aliasing, and any other mail services you require using Sendmail. SpaceSolutions support will assist with configuration of your first 5 mail domains and will answer any ongoing questions you have about Sendmail at no additional cost.

For Windows 2000 servers, SpaceSolutions will install a software called Mailmax for an additional fee of $70 per month, with a one time setup fee of $70. Mailmax is cost-effective, has low server resource demands, and is an easy-to-use mail solution for NT and Windows 2000. MailMax Web is also available for an additional $20 per month. MailMax Web has the same capabilities as standard MailMax with the added ability to set up mail accounts and check mail through a Web browser.You are welcome to install any additional mail software you like on your NT or Windows 2000 server.


Will you install SSH?

Yes, we install openSSH by default on all Linux and FreeBSD systems. We can install it on Solaris servers on request.


Will Server-Side Includes (SSI) be activated on my server?

SSI can be turned on at no additional cost.


What is RAID 1?

Raid Level 1 means that one drive mirrors the other. In the event that one of your drives fails, the other will immediately continue to serve data. An additional feature with Raid is that, if one drive is overtaxed, the overflow requests will be handled by the second drive. RAID1 requires two drives, but you will lose the disk space of one of the drives. This means, for example, that two 36GB drives will only give you a total of 36GB of disk space.


What is RAID 5?

RAID Level 5 distributes the parity among the drives. This can speed small writes in multiprocessing systems, since the parity disk does not become a bottleneck. Because parity data must be skipped on each drive during reads, however, the performance for reads tends to be considerably lower. RAID Level 5 is n-1 meaning you lose the disk space of one drive in order to stripe data across the drives. A minimum of three drives is required for RAID5.


What is the difference between SCSI and EIDE?

The primary difference is that SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) has a processor built into the drive which allows for faster read / writes. The EIDE (Enhanced IDE) drives rely on the CPU. SCSI is the recommended option if you are planning to run a database. EIDE is suitable for standard web serving.


Do you provide load-balancing solutions?

YES, SpaceSolutions offers a hardware (switch) based load-balancing solution to accomodate high availability server clusters.

For more information: see Load-balancing


Can I have one or more servers linked together for private communications?

Yes, SpaceSolutions offers a service called "PrivateNet". With PrivateNet each of your servers will be connected to a private switch via 100Mb Ethernet cards. They will also be connected via a second set of 100Mb Ethernet cards to a switch which gives access to the public Internet. PrivateNet prevents traffic from travelling over a public port, eliminates bandwidth costs for traffic between servers, and provides higher security for communication between servers.


What tape backup solutions do you offer?

Tape Backup solutions may be added to any server configuration by the addition of a SCSI DAT tape drive. For servers configured with tape drives, full tape backup services are available on a daily or weekly basis, both with e-mail notification. For backup scheduling on Linux and Windows 2000 systems please contact us.

SpaceSolutions Managed Hosting offers standard AA/BB tape rotation on a weekly or monthly basis. This service can be used in conjunction with our tape backup service or we can rotate tapes that you back-up remotely. All tapes are stored in our off-site, fire-safe, secured facility. Tape rotation is performed late Sunday evenings unless otherwise specified.


What is Name Based Hosting? Do I need an IP for each domain on my server?

Name based hosting is a method used to allow a server to host multiple domains with only one IP address. You do not need an IP address for each site; in fact, you only need one IP for the entire server. Name based hosting does not affect the performance or appearance of the domains hosted. It's also a good way to economize on IP usage.

*Some search engines do not support name based sites.


How do I add additional IPs? Is there an upgrade fee?

IP addresses may be added at a rate of $2.00 per IP address per month and can be added at any time by submitting a support request.


Can my hardware be upgraded? What are the fees for this?

You can upgrade any component of your server at any time to increase your resources as demand requires. Upgrade fees generally range from $75.00 to $150.00 depending on the size of the upgrade, in addition to the incremental price difference. Turnaround for hardware upgrades is 24hrs from the time of confirmation. To request a hardware upgrade, please submit a reques, referencing your server number and customer number.


Does SpaceSolutions provide DNS service?
Can I have my own DNS name servers configured?

You can use our DNS name servers at no cost. If you prefer, we can configure your server to run its own DNS at no additional cost. You can then add as many domains as you like.

*If you would like your own name servers, please note that you will have to register the name servers at here. The registration process can take from 7 to 10 business days. We recommend that you use the SpaceSolutions name servers for the first month while yours are being configured and registered.
DNS service is available to current SpaceSolutions customers only.


Can I use SpaceSolutions as my secondary DNS?

Yes, you can use SpaceSolutions for your secondary name server. This service is available at no cost. You may request this service by contacting Please reference your customer number and server number.


What security measures are taken at SpaceSolutions?

SpaceSolutions takes security very seriously. Every precaution is taken to ensure that absolutely no one has access to your server other than our technical staff. Passkeys and video surveillance ensure that your server is safe and secure. We do not monitor content and do not release customer profiles or disseminate customer information.


Does SpaceSolutions offer any firewall solutions?

SpaceSolutions offers a variety of managed hardware firewall solutions ranging in price from $150/month to $10,000/month.

For more information: see Managed Firewall Services


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