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We focus on accelerating content delivery and maintaining 24x7 availability of Web applications. That's why we offer Load Balancing to enhance your Web site's performance. Using Load Balancing, your Web site will deliver faster responses to visitor requests. By intelligently directing traffic to the most available server, visitor traffic is balanced evenly and distributed across multiple servers for quicker connect and response times. This dramatically increases server availability, providing a higher level of responsiveness, preventing your Web site from becoming busy or overloaded. The result is a faster connection to your site and a better online experience for your customers.

Key Features:

  • Online Maintenance — With's fully managed service, Web site development and server maintenance can be done online to make certain your Web site delivers uninterrupted service.

  • Optimized Performance —'s load balancing optimizes Web site performance, ensuring continuous high availability of content and Web applications.

  • Superior Service — We consistently deliver a high-level of service, providing customers with a single point of contact for swift problem resolution management and backed by our comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Installation and Configuration —'s complete approach includes the installation and verification of Cisco's LocalDirector™ software and all appropriate failover policies by a dedicated Installation Coordinator.
  • Fast — Provides quicker response times to your Web site's visitors.

  • Smart — Intelligently distributes traffic and eliminates "Server Not Found" errors.

  • Cost-Effective — Maximizes the value and performance of your Web site investment.

  • Scalable — Accommodates spikes in Web site traffic, without having to reconfigure your architecture.

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