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Our Tape Backup service offers a new level of data availability and integrity. An automated backup system provides complete data storage and the recovery capabilities for one of your company's most valuable assets Data.

Key Features:

  • Storage and Archiving Your backed-up data will be stored off-site in a secure storage facility and archived for one year, providing a true "spare" and ensuring data recovery from unplanned downtime.

  • Monitoring We manage all backup procedures and the performance of our on-site storage system, both of which are monitored 24x7 to ensure performance and reliability.

  • Hot Backup With's Hot Backup service, your database application will be backed-up while the databases are active, eliminating any application downtime.

  • Restoration Services Available for both on-site and off-site stored data, our restoration services can be requested at any time, day or night.

  • Installation and Configuration A dedicated Installation Coordinator will be assigned to coordinate your backup schedule and to handle any configuration and installation issues.
  • Flexible Choose from a range of Backup services, depending upon your needs.

  • Secure Backup tapes are transferred to a secure off-site facility for ultimate protection.

  • Cost-Effective Backup virtually eliminates the expense of recovery from a catastrophic data loss.

  • Peace of Mind Put your time and energy into building your business, not re-building your data.

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