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Note: Please do not include the 'www' in the domain name lookup above,
use domain names such as "me.com or me.com.my"

The Following Top Level Domains (TLDs) are Available for Registration
  • All these domain names works worldwide exactly just like .COM names.
  • You can do anything with any of these domain names (Eg. IRC,Homepage,E-mail,FTP,Telnet,etc..)
  • All of these domains are recognized TLD (Top Level Domain) and is viewable from anywhere in the world.
  • You don't have to live or have offices in any of these locations to register any one of their domain names*.

Domain Types Examples Price*
NEW Domains TLDs    
.US yourbrand.us RM 130 for 2 Years
.BIZ yourbusiness.biz RM 130 for 2 Years
.INFO yourproduct.info RM 150 for 2 Years
Internic Domains    
.com yourname.com RM 79 / Year
.net yourname.net RM 79 / Year
.org yourname.org RM 79 / Year
My Domains ".MY"    
.com.my yourname.com.my RM 100 / Year
.net.my yourname.net.my RM 100 / Year
.edu.my yourname.edu.my RM 159 / Year
.org.my yourname.org.my RM 159 / Year
TJ Domains ".TJ"    
.tj yourname.tj USD 25 / Year
.biz.tj yourname.biz.tj USD 8 / Year
.com.tj yourname.com.tj USD 8 / Year
.my.tj yourname.my.tj USD 8 / Year
.web.tj yourname.web.tj USD 8 / Year
Other Domains    
.to yourname.to USD 100 / 2 Years
.cc yourname.cc USD 100 / 2 Years
.st yourname.st USD 35 / Year
.ws yourname.ws USD 35 / Year
.nu yourname.nu USD 25 / Year
.ms yourname.ms USD 50 / Year
.tc yourname.tc USD 50 / Year
.vg yourname.vg USD 50 / Year
.sh yourname.sh USD 60 / Year
.ac yourname.ac USD 60 / Year

*Note: These Prices are payable to the registrar of the respective domain name owners.
Our Domain Hosting services are not inclusive.

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