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A domain name, such as spacesolutions.com or malaysians.net is simply a way to identify your web site, email, etc. from everyone elses. Just as your mailing address is unique in the world, so is every domain name, if they were not unique it would be impossible to accurately deliver anything to its proper location. All the millions of computers that make up the Internet don't really talk to each other the way we do, they talk to each other with combinations of numbers but because remembering a long string of numbers is much difficult than remembering a word or phrase, we use what we call domain names - e.g., spacesolutions.com!

There are two things you must choose when registering your domain name:

  • One, the name itself, such as joesplumbing, earlscountrypies, or in our case spacesolutions
  • Two, the extension - the .com, .net, .org or the new .biz, .info TLD or a country specific extention, .com.my, .net.my etc.

Why should I register a domain name?

The facts are clear, if you are not using the internet in your business or for personal endeavors, you will at some point. Each day tens of thousands of domain names are being registered and when the time comes that you want to register your domain name of choice, it may very likely be taken by someone else, and in most cases there is little you can do to aquire it. A word to the wise..."Register now!"

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