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  • Plug 'n' Play
    Easy to use, fast, simple and no MIS experience required.
  • Proxy Services
    All you need is only one line, one modem and one internet account, everyone can access Internet simultaneously.
  • Smart Caching
    The most frequently visited web site will be downloaded for faster access on LAN speed.
  • Web Services
    Use your prefer web authoring tool to create homepage and place in the apporiate public directory.
  • Mail Services
    A very user-friendly, web-based mail is available to serve you.
  • Virtual Mail
    With the only one e-mail account, it allows company to create as many aliases ( e.g. name@company.com.my) as they wish and will be distributed accordingly.
  • Internet Access Control With/Without (Optional)
    Capability to control all the user internet access usage.
  • Administr@tor-Less Enviroment
    All setup and configuration is in web based enviroment. In other words, user only have to follow a step-by-step instruction to configure the box.
  • Firewall Protection
    We understand the importance and sensitivity of your company's information from leaking out to unauthorized party this is where( IGate) exist. To secure all your information.
  • Affordability
    It is affordable solutions. (Refer to comparison chart).
  • No Licensing Issues
    This we can say "Most of the major solutions require Licensing Issues (e.g Software or Hardware Companies )" . IGate supports multiple/unlimited users without any licensing and legal issues involved.
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