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  1. Do I need a network administrator for Igate?
    No! I gate is designed for 'Administrator-Less Environment'. In other words, with the Plug 'n' Play feature, the users can easily have the Igate power-up and all the configuration and administrative work is done through web based interfaces. Therefore, the users only have to fill in the blanks to have the Igate running.

  2. How many modem and internet account do I need? And how many people can access to the internetat one 'go' ?
    All the users need is one modem, one phone line and one internet account. The Proxy Service will enable as many users to 'surf net' as you wish. On top of that, the Smart Caching will download the most frequent visit web site to the Igate to enjoy the LAN speed. In short, the speed will not be compromised.

  3. How much do I have to pay for the one user license ?
    It's FREE!!! You don't have to pay a single cent for the license because they are FREE!!! In fact, it supports unlimited users and you can have as many users as you wish and it's still free. Not only that, features such as Antivirus, Web based mail, Firewall Protection, and etc. are also yours FREE!!! In other words, the schools small and medium sized and non-profitable organization will no longer be neglected of, one of the fastest growing industry, 'Internet'.
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